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Terms of Use





The rights and guarantees the customer


Pledge to work on customer convenience and to provide all the services required by as much as possible and provide an effort to service and includes:

. Inform the customer first first transparency and clearly put by the hosted server and any problem is exposed.
2. Once committed tera4soft to take a backup of all sites on another drive (daily, weekly), but remains ultimately responsible for keeping the data are the responsibility of the customer first and foremost. Site does not bear responsibility for tera4soft as the loss of part or all of the data from sites hosted with him.
3. Provide protection and reliability for servers and run by 99.9%.
4. Technical support is what sets us apart in the tera4soft, where we provide several ways to support them (direct support, e-mail), but the basic method of support is via email where guarantee for the client to respond to e-mail no later than the 12 hours in the most extreme conditions. This time is not fixed, but to respond to this extremity are always reply to messages in advance of between 5 minutes to 12 hours.
5. Guarantee you the site immediately after tera4soft confidentiality of your personal information recorded and stored. Also, your financial information to be encrypted in a secure environment. Is not entitled to any party access to your personal data.
6. Domain name, you ensure the protection and conservation on the scale throughout the subscription period to provide us with the control panel for the domain you can manage domain completely.

7: Ensure recovery of amounts paid within (7) days of receipt of the site (trial period) after the deduction of the amount of wages and the value of domain conversion, and in the case of the existence of compelling reasons for the recovery of the amount and without the occurrence of any violation of the site or the client.

Unwanted materials

The following is a list of prohibited content hosted by our client and the decision taken at the bear true when detecting the presence of any breach of the conditions below
- Prevents contain much material on the Site or makes a mockery of religion.
- Prevents contain any content on the site belong to adults.
- Prevents the site contain any material designed to extremism and violence.
- Prevents the site contain any files to spy inside the space or attempt to penetrate a server or sites it
- Prohibiting the use of propaganda messages or the messages (Spam)
(spam messages) (dumping Postal) banned internationally.
Customer must maintain the confidentiality of information access to their account and not to enable any party or individual from access to, and is responsible for neglecting to do so.
- Try to prevent libel or defame Four Terra Soft directly or indirectly or in any way, it also prevents encroachment on the site or staff to deal with them inappropriately.
In case of violation of the above items, that result in closure of the site permanently or temporarily and determine that the officials of site Terra Four Soft and depends on the degree of violation or repeated as the accounts closed once and can not be reopened or provide a backup copy of it only after paying a fine of $ 25 dollars.


General Conditions

- In case the end of the bandwidth specified for the site it is off site automatically until the beginning of the calendar month, in the case of the desire to open the site must pay $ 5 dollars and will be added to 5 GB, and on the client to make sure of the volume of data transfer monthly user through the control panel its own.
- Do not bear the site as tera4soft damage to the site because of the mistakes committed. Or the result of disabling the server to forgive God and we recommend taking a backup from a week through the control panel because it is responsibility of the client.
- The use of unlicensed products, for example, copy the demilitarized Forums are the responsibility of the customer and on receipt of any communication from the affected account will be suspended temporarily and contact you to remove the product or license.
- In all cases, the location of Terra soon Soft is not responsible for any damage, or delay, or failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement as a result of wars, fires, strikes, or disaster Below we availability of materials or equipment from suppliers, or failure or power outages and other of events beyond its control, whether in Iraq or anywhere else in the world has to do with the services of tera4soft


Terms of Payment

- All service charges and reservation hosting and domain renewal - Domains - paid in advance.
- All other technical services provided after the receipt of fees.
- Does not accept payment unless one of the methods described in the site.
- In case the end of the subscription client, it is informed of this, in case of non-payment on time service is stopped, and when prompted to re-activate the service after the expiration or a backup of the site will be paid (10) dollar fine, and no right for the client to claim open the site or a copy back it up later (14) days after the end of the service.
- Customer is entitled to convey his plan to the highest specifications with the highest pay the difference in fees.
- We have the right adjustment in the price plans and services on our site at any time and this does not apply to sites that booked before the amendment, but applies to all websites when you renew your subscription.



Once the site tera4soft full right in the amendment, addition or deletion, or change the terms of this Agreement at any time without any liability, and on the client follow-up conditions from time to time.